Sea containers

Selling and renting all types of containers and auxiliary equipment. OÜ offers selling, long-term and short-term lease of all types of containers and additional equipment of containers, such as GenSet. Also we offer transporting, loading and unloading, storage, assembly and disassembly of containers and container modules.

  • Shipping containers (dry freight containers, universal containers, dry containers sea containers, );
  • Refrigerated containers (refrigerated container, refrigerators, Refrigerated Containers , Reefers)
  • Special containers (Open Top, Hard Top, Flat Rack, Platform, Bulk, Ventilated);
  • Tank – containers (tank container, swap body tank, food grade tank, reefer tank, gas tank, silo tank);

Services and advantages:

  • Container transportation using own park of trucks. Loading and unloading, assembly. We guarantee safety and timely delivery;
  • Maintenance service of refrigerated containers;
  • Storage of containers (empty) on output conditions;
  • Storage of cargo in containers and storage areas in protected spaces, adjacent to the port area. Safety, security and reliability guaranteed;
  • Selling, renting and maintenance service: special equipment for reefers GenSets;
  • Buying (including buy-back) of any kind of containers.

Containers are always available in port terminals in the Baltics, Russia, Ukraine, Northern, Central and East Europe.

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