Which container to rent? 

We are renting various kinds of sea containers.

In 2007-2012 most rented containers were standard ones, i.e 20’DV, 40’DV and 40’HC. That’s why we keep mentioned containers always in our stock.

If You need different kind of  container, then we are renting special, refrigerated and tank containers. Delivery time for these kinds of containers is approx. 2 weeks starting from the confirmation of the order. Minimum rental period for these containers vary from 6-12 months.

What are the payment terms of renting?

In renting period You have to consider monthly payment and that each payment is prepayment for a following month.

Transportation for rented container

Rental doesn’t include any delivery. We can help You here. You have to consider both costs- delivery onto Your object and back to our depo (in the end of renting period).

In case You are using Your own transportation, we will lift container on Your truck in our depo without any cost.

How much does renting a container cost?

There are no fixed prices for renting a container. Prices depend on quantity and type(s) of container(s).